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What ever the occasion,          

A Birthday, A Christening, or a Special Treat for your little ones! 

Add to your celebrations with a Little Ronstars Musical Party! 

clapping childrens party

The Party   

Little Ronstars are usually hired as a the entertainment section of your party celebrations.

A 'standard' Little Ronstars Party is for up to 12 children and lasts approximately 35 to 45 minutes filled with songs and fun to entertain and delight your child and their friends.  Musical Instruments and toys are supplied for up to 12 children.   Experience shows that 35 to 45 minutes is an ideal time length for this age group thus keeping the attention of the children and their enjoyment at it's fullest.
We'll sing favorite exciting songs, dance and and play with the musical Instruments.  We'll bring along favorite cuddly friends to your home or to a venue of your choice and have fun fun fun!   

For parties above 12 children and a maximum of 24 children, we can offer you a 'Plus' Little Ronstars Party and again will last between 35 to 45 minutes as above.  

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A Few example songs used at a party for 3 - 5 year olds

maracasPenguins In The Room (waddle to the music with the soft toy penguins) 

King Of The Jungle (become a lion, stalking low & give your best ROAR as lion pounces)

Can You Hear the Train (go for a pretend ride on a train using the whistle instruments)

The Ostrich song (turn into the biggest bird in the whole world, and see who can run the fastest on the spot)

Snappety Crocodile (fits of giggles and bravery with Snappety crocodile puppet)

The Cymbals Song (Make lots of noise and big circles with a pair of cymbals each)

Sing The Monkey Song (using the soft toy monkey's, who can do the funniest Oo Oo AA)

Bunny Hop (jump and bob your tail with Mr Bunny?)

Band Box (A variety of instruments: cabassa's triangles, tambourines, castanet's, Rattles, Ape drum, rhythm sticks, washboards, egg shakers, jingle bells)

  For Party Bookings Call (01793)813358 or fill in the form below

A Few Example Songs used at a party for a 1 year old

drumThe Caterpillar Song (wiggle away like a caterpillar using the soft toys)

Peak-a-boo (the babies love hiding, hiding....PEAK-A-BOO during this tune)

Rock & Roll The Ball (try catching and rolling the ball to this funky song)maracas

Yee-Ha! (Giddy up horses and shake those jingle bell instruments)

Piggy Song (using soft toy pigs singing Oink Oink Oink Oink)    

Jump up like Mr Frog (boing, boing, boing to this delightful tune) drum

maracasNibble Nibble Went the Mouse (exploring the mouse castanet instruments to make a noise)

Quack Quack Quack (Go quackers with the ducks)guitar

Band Box (A variety of instruments: cabassas, triangles, tambourines, castanet's, Rattles, Ape drum, rhythm sticks, washboards, egg shakers, jingle bells)

  For Party Bookings Call (01793)813358 or fill in the form below           

Book A Party 

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